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Geoff Walker

At a very young age, Geoff Walker along with his family left native Liverpool and relocated to Hong Kong – where his father was a Telecommunications Engineer and mother an English Teacher. He was brought up and educated in Hong Kong and resided there permanently until the mid-1990s.

Having attended Nautical College he embarked upon a career at sea, commencing in 1961 as an Apprentice Deck Officer. Sailing the world’s sea routes over many years he eventually achieved the rank of Captain. Following his active sea-going service, he remained closely allied to the shipping industry, working in a wide variety of maritime roles in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Middle East.

He is now retired and lives in Melbourne Australia, supplemented by regular visits to his beloved Hong Kong.

He is a prolific writer  about his experiences at sea, most of which have been published. His other interests include collecting Maritime Art and Paintings, and writing articles of nautical interest. 

This site is dedicated to those who experienced the last of an era when each ship possessed it's own “heart and character” and was crewed by what may affectionately be called “a different breed of seafarer”, now relegated to the mists of maritime nostalgia. The paintings in this site are mainly from Geoff’s personal collection by the renowned Maritime Artist, Tony Westmore, to whom acknowledgment is made.

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