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G'day Followers,

Just to let you know that the site will be under "refreshment" 24/25th April. Sorry for the inconvenience but everything is still available, just a little untidy.



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G'day Followers, Please do let me know of any particular topics, ships, etc., you would like me to feature and I will try to see what I can come up with. Also, any ship-related photographs and paintin

Shell's Eastern Mosquito Fleet

I am researching for an article of Shell Oil's Eastern Fleet of small tankers that existed during the 1960s which had an area of operations ranging from Singapore to the island of Bali in the south, t

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G'day followers. Today Melbourne was released from lockdown after 248 days, Gawd ! Much celebration and partying and Aussie beer and wine flowed as ifit was going out of fashion. Just to let you know