G'day Marine Enthusiasts

Now that my site contains a lot of material, I have attempted to make things easier for followers by including a search bar. I hope it helps.

Also, later today the following two articles will be uploaded,namely,

  • "Last Spree at Gin Drinkers Bay" - (a broad spectrum overview of ship demolitions in Asia)

  • "Feeding the Demolition Yards of Asia - But One Ship Escaped" - (How the "Cap San Diego" survived the scrapyard)



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Loaded today in Gallery - MV Bindera an Aussie short sea trader. Cheers Geoff

Uploaded today, in "Bank Line Plus", images of a superb model of the "Hazelbank", made from scratch by Peter Ferrer, who sailed on her as a Deck Apprentice during the mid-1960s. Cheers Geoff