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Bank Line Plus

Bank Line Plus

This is a newly introduced section on “oceanjoss” that operates in parallel with the website Bank Line on - Line.

It features many interesting articles of the famous shipping company of Andrew Weir, The Bank Line Limited, and posts a selection of Bank Line related features which may be found on this site. Likewise, articles of interest from may be viewed in the Bank Line site, mostly under “Moments in Time” or “Forgotten Fleets” headers.

The idea is, simply to try and ensure that followers of both sites, interested in a compendium of “Golden Memories” and a site specializing in Maritime Interests, Books, Art, Nautical Themes, and Nostalgia, do not miss out on fascinating reading, on the bygone years of shipping, which we all hold so dear.

Make a date to visit our Bank Line section, (known here at “oceanjoss” as Bank Line Plus in our Menu List). The direct link to Bank Line on Line is:

I hope you enjoy this additional feature, so good reading and happy memories.

Geoff Walker

Worth Remembering:

“Any man who would be fully employed should procure a ship or woman, for no two things on this earth produce more trouble if not handled properly”.

Plautus: ca 254-184 BCE

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