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An end of year message.

G'day folks and greetings to all my followers. Just a short note from the administrator.

As you may know, "Ocean Joss" is a private and not-for-profit marine website dedicated entirely to shipping enthusuasts for the purpose of nostalgia, and concerning all matteres of a nautical theme.

When I started the site it was a simple one page affair with a few images and very few stories or articles; a far cry from what it has developed into doday (judge for yourself). At the outset it took me on average 15 minutes per day. Now, about to embark into its 6th year, it has developed into a full time job for me during my retirement years. I produce most of the articles myself, hence it now takes me a good 4-5 hours per day, just to keep it fresh and updated with new and interesting content. Your enjoyment of the site, is in fact, my reward, and gives me the enthusiasm and dynamism to keep going.

Naturally, a combination of chalking-up the years and fading memory sometimes leaves me void of new ideas to write about, hence I would be most appreciative to hear from you as to subject matter that would interest you. Also, I encourage participation and would therefore be more than happy to receive your articles, real life experiences, etc., that you would be willing to have posted and share with fellow followers. I never post anything written by others without them seeing and approving a final edited draft of what they may have submitted. Any support you can give in this regard will be highly appreciated.

I am not out to break any records, but it is heartening to note the increasing international following "Ocean Joss" is gaining on a global basis; I hope this will contine as we enter 2023, so if you like what you read, please pass on a few encouraging tips to your friends and colleagues, to have a squiz.

Finally, I am always happy to receive any old photos or memorabilia that may remind us old-timers of the wonderful years we spent at sea during our youth , and give us yet another emotional pang of nostalgia, into an era we experienced but has since long gone. The "OJ" Blog is open for all in which to participate, please consider doing so, and by the way it is updated daily.

I thank you personally for your your support and sincerely trust it may continue.

A happy and joyful season to all.

Geoff Walker

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