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A Tramp for All Oceans

New Titles by Geoffrey Walker

A Tramp for All Oceans (2nd Edition)

East of Pulau Weh

Secrets of a Matelot's Sea Chest

A Sailor's Flying Quest in Laos

A Compendium of Nautical Short Stories


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MARUDU at Sarawak circa 1930's (8).jpg

Straits SS Co's 'Marudu'

Marudu, 1926 GRT was built in 1924 by Workman Clark, initially for Alfred Holt of Liverpool. It was later sold to Straits SS Co., becoming the 'Marudu', and subsequently sold to the Singapore Government which used the vessel as a Training Ship. She was eventually sent for demolition at Jurong in 1964 following a long and distinguished career.

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