A Tramp for all Oceans

Presenting a new book by Geoffrey Walker

From many decades based in Asia, the Author tells his sailors anecdotes of the adventurous years he spent tramping the sea routes of Africa, India, the Far East, and Oceania, sailing under the Red Duster, from Apprentice to Captain.

Calling at large and small Ports alike, some little more than clearings in the jungle, up barely navigable rivers or not even marked on an Admiralty Chart. The book captivates the last of an era when ships all possessed their own “heart and character”, when crewed by what may be described as a “different  breed” of seafarer, and which now only lives on in maritime nostalgia.

A Tramp for all Oceans


Geoff Walker

Book Overview

The author arrived in Hong Kong at a very early age and spent the majority of his life living and working there. Childhood recollections of the early years growing up in Hong Kong, friends and experiences mentioned in this book are as accurate as memory permits. The content is generally correct throughout and is a mere snapshot based on the writer’s lifelong and seagoing experiences. Some terms used are of a bygone era but common during the period depicted in the book.

“A Tramp for all Oceans” is in two parts. Part one covers the early years the author spent in Hong Kong then as an Indentured Apprentice Navigating Officer in the British Merchant Navy, whilst part two “East of Pulau Weh” describes the years spent as a Captain, loosely based on his real-life experiences

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