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New Titles by Geoff Walker

A Tramp for all Oceans  Consolidated 2nd Edition. Author's autobiography of his years at sea. Golden memories, nostalgic and wistful.


East of Pulau Weh

Is a story of ships, a sailor’s lifestyle, and the nostalgia that lingers from years roaming the seas of the Far East: the ships sailed in and visited places, during an age of wonderment and adventure. A Novel of historical nonfiction which captivates the early voyages and life the author spent as a newly promoted captain on general cargo ships sailing through idyllic tropical seas of southeast Asia and Oceania, the unique way of life in a period now lost forever, and the sailors of fortune who really were global mariners in the true sense. The book captivates the last of an age when ships all possessed their own particular ‘heart and character’ and were crewed by what may be affectionately referred to as a ‘Different Breed’ of seafarer, now morphed through the passage of time, remaining only as misty and vague memories.  

Secrets of a Matelot’s Sea Chest 

Spans the early years the author spent in Hong Kong, and at sea as an Apprentice Navigating Officer in the British Merchant Navy during the 1960s. The book focuses on places visited in Africa, India, and the Far East and is a compendium of golden memories, nostalgia, wonderment, exhilaration, and adventure during a bygone age in maritime history, when ships were ships. Only those who experienced that generation of seafaring could appreciate the pride we had in our ships, and dedication to the job. I have tried to bring to life what it was really like during those halcyon years.  



An adventure story of ships and the sea, intrigue, piracy, and smuggling, set around the Indonesian Archipelago, and Borneo in the 1960s, aboard the old ship ‘Haiphong’ as she tramps the sea routes of southeast Asia.

A Compendium of Nautical Short Stories (+ a few Jingles)

A compilation of short stories of the sea and ships, with a few Jingles. Contrived during smoko.


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