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Welcome to my site,

I am delighted you decided to join me. This is a Web and Blog for those interested in Maritime Books, Art, related Nautical themes and nostalgia.

A  compendium of golden memories.


Ocean Joss acknowledges the Australian traditional owners of the land in which we live.


Introducing New Titles by Geoffrey Walker

From many decades based in Asia, the Author tells his sailors anecdotes of the adventurous years he spent tramping the sea routes of Africa, India, the Far East, and Oceania. From Apprentice to Captain. Calling at large and small Ports alike, some little more than clearings in the jungle, up barely navigable rivers or not even marked on an Admiralty Chart. The books are a compendium of golden memories, nostalgia, wonderment, exhilaration, and adventure, during a bygone age in maritime history, when ships were ships.

                                                                       A Tramp for All Oceans   (Consolidated 2nd Edition)
                                                                                           Secrets of a Matelot's Sea Chest
                                                                                                       East of Pulau Weh
                                                                                          A Sailor's Flying Quest in Laos
                 All Books are available from Amazon  in both Electronic and Paperback formats

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